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“Chaud Devant!” Our new Food University in Rungis’ International Market

This unique venue embodies the Group’s passion for catering, hospitality, and transmission of knowledge

. Located on the garden floor of the hotel Campanile Rungis Orly, this hybrid and atypical venue has been specially designed to provide training in the catering and food service industry, as well as to host private seminars and events for external companies.

But why “Chaud Devant!”?

In France, waiters often shout “Chaud Devant!” to mean “Mind your backs!” as they storm into dining rooms laden with plates of hot food. The phrase “Chaud Devant!” is also used in restaurants by waiters and chefs to signal for customers to clear the way.

To name its brand-new food university, the French-based Group has chosen a typically French expression from the catering world that is often heard in kitchens, dining rooms and bars.

Louvre Hotels Group wants to say it loud and clear: here comes its original and innovative food university! “Chaud Devant!” is a tantalizing mix of creativity, growth, and dynamism.

+350 sqm
dedicated to the catering trade
+ 30
in-house training courses
+150 sqm
square meters of outdoor space dedicated to biodiversity
fresh food purveyors at the MIN
A unique space designed to inspire and educate
Chaud Devant! bustles with life at all hours of the day and night in the vibrant and lively heart of Rungis International Market. Designed in partnership with the London design agency Blue Plate, a speciality Food & Beverage design studio of Wilson Associates, the venue was conceived to include several creative and convivial spaces. Chaud Devant!’s experimental bar, food workshop, and two seminar rooms are an invitation to culinary delights, while large open spaces showcase the trainee’s skills.
A place dedicated to in-house training in catering

Through an immersive and original experience, trainees will learn the ropes of the gastronomy and hospitality trades.

For us, people come first at the heart of knowledge transmission. This is why most practical training courses are designed and run by in-house chefs specially trained to become Chaud Devant’s! “passers of knowledge”.  They share both their culinary expertise and their in-depth experience of the Group and its brands, like Philippe Renard and the “Cuisine mode d’Emploi” teams.

Leaning hospitality does not mean going back to school. Chaud Devant! Provides forty or so training courses conducted in-person or via distance learning, through virtual reality and e-learning channels for a full blended learning experience.

An immersive experience that also caters private events

Chaud Devant! Can also be booked for private events such as corporate activities and training courses. The Chaud Devant! Commercial offer includes access to two seminar rooms (locavore and gastronome), cooking classes, themed food workshops, awareness raising in the cooking arts, and even a fully private access to the entire venue.

The Chaud Devant! Teams also can create custom made activities and modules to meet corporate needs and expectations from seminars to team-building workshops.

For more information, please contact the sales department at Chaud Devant: chauddevant@louvre-hotels.com



Discover Chaud Devant! in video