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​To meet the new expectations of its customers and in addition to its traditional restaurant service, Louvre Hotels Group provides the concept of the Mini comptoir, a self-service area available 24 hours a day.

The Mini Comptoir is : 

  • A restaurant service: So you can eat, grab a snack, a salad or a cooked meal. It means choosing what you eat, where you eat and when you eat it.
  • A troubleshooting service: So you don’t end up helpless if you forget something or have an unforeseen problem, by having everything you need on hand (a tie, a USB key, a charger...).

As new brand standards, these areas provide customers with a complete selection of food available all day, as well as everyday products (personal hygiene, beauty, leisure ...).

The concept exists across all the Group’s brands, from Première Classe hotels to Golden Tulip establishments, and is adapted to the layout and location of each establishment, to its existing restaurant service but also to the profile of its customers (international, business, tourism). The Mini comptoir comes in three different formats (small, medium and large depending on the establishment) and meets the various expectations of the customer. When our customers want to indulge their gourmet desires, have a meal or manage small last-minute oversights (USB keys, chargers and so on), the mini comptoir is the answer.

The mini comptoir is an additional service: a means of enabling the customer to avoid having to go out again, with a range that satisfies his/her desires, needs and requests. Customers have access to local products, as well as a range of customised products depending on where they are.


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