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Louvre Hotels Group launches the first theme of its new “Boost Your Skills” management course focusing on new ways of working spawned by the global health crisis.


Management has always been a core element of Louvre Hotels Group. The current health crisis has driven our way of working in new directions, especially moving towards the development of remote working and management. Louvre Hotels Group is committed to providing its team with assistance and support, boosting their skills in several areas which have become more essential than ever: agility, emotional intelligence, resilience and remote management.

This September, the Company University “U” launched a new course, Boost Your Skills. The first theme, “Managing during a health crisis”, enables managers to develop and adapt their remote managerial skills, focusing on staying connected with their teams, developing their resilience, their emotional intelligence and their ability to adopt an agile management method.

The theme is broken down into 4 modules in the form of virtual classes / webinars, more effective than traditional e-learning formats and providing favourable conditions for peer interaction. These 2- to 5-hour sessions are easy to roll out and adapt to the scheduling constraints of each participant. By breaking the course down into several short modules, training is more accessible and can be continually developed over time for our teams in France and the rest of Europe.



Enjoy your meal, even after 9pm!

Published on 22 Oct 2020

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