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You will find below the terms of our agreement relating to the processing of your personal data. The aim is to inform you about the way in which we use this data and how you should  proceed if you wish to change the data we hold.

1- Nature of personal data collected

The information that we collect is the result of the entry of your name and address at the time of booking and at your subscription to the newsletter.

2- What do we do with this data?

The information which you give to us is only passed to Louvre Hotels Group and other hotels of the group. This information aids in the processing of your booking (Booking section, search, booking monitoring and subscription to the newsletter).

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For any consultation problems, write to us at:Louvre Hotels Group / Tour Voltaire, 1 place des Degrés, 92800 Puteaux la Défense /France



Non-contractual photos



Louvre Hotels Group is Europe’s second largest hotel group and since its acquisition by Jin Jiang International is in the world’s top five.  Our hotels operate under six brands ranging from 1 to 5 star: Première Classe, Campanile, Kyriad, Tulip Inn, Golden Tulip and Royal Tulip.

We own and operate a number hotels throughout the UK and this UK Tax Strategy applies to all of our UK businesses. Publication of this UK Tax Strategy is regarded as complying with the duty of Part 2 of Schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act 2016.

  • Commitment to compliance

We pay and generate variety of taxes in the UK and are committed to complying with UK tax laws and regulations.  We conduct transactions between Louvre Hotels companies on an arm’s-length basis and in accordance with current OECD principles.

  • Tax governance and risk management

The UK Tax Strategy set out in this document is owned and approved by the CFO of Louvre Hotels Group.  The management of UK tax is overseen by the Tax and Accounting department based in France.  UK tax compliance activities are outsourced to professional services firms based both in the UK and in France.

[In the UK we use Big 4 professional services firms. We have worked with our French professional services partner for nearly thirty years.  They provide us with a range of accounting and tax services throughout Europe and have a detailed understanding our UK business and the UK tax compliance obligations they are responsible for.]  

We maintain a close relationship with our advisors and through regular engagement and oversight seek to manage UK tax risk and ensure high standards of compliance and reporting.

  • Tax Planning

When investing in the UK we will consider and respond to tax incentives and reliefs (such as such as capital allowances) in the manner intended by Parliament.  However, we do not engage in artificial, contrived or aggressive tax planning arrangements that could damage our reputation or impair our relationship with tax authorities.

  • Tax Risk Appetite

We seek to minimise tax risk and have a conservative approach.  This is achieved through regular consultation with our advisors, both in France and the UK, particularly in respect of new legislation and complex or judgemental tax matters.

  • HMRC Relationship

Our aim is to have a professional, transparent and collaborative relationship with HMRC.  If any errors do arise, we will look to bring these to the attention of HMRC promptly and settle any tax due.

Approved: 11/30/17