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Chaud Devant ! First and foremost, a place dedicated to in-house training in catering.

Everyone working for Louvre Hotels Group’s 10 brands in France and abroad will be eligible to train at “Chaud Devant !”. Through an immersive and original experience, trainees will learn the ropes of the gastronomy and hospitality trades through a variety of modules:

  • Training in catering (cooking, production)
  • Training in service (oenology, dining room, bar)
  • Training in hospitality (management, hygiene, safety, etc.)

Promoting in-house expertise and references in gastronomy

People come first at Louvre Hotels Group, at the heart of knowledge transmission. This is why most practical training courses are designed and run by in-house chefs specially trained to become Chaud Devant !’s “passers
of knowledge” and share both their culinary expertise and in-depth experience of the Group and its brands, like Philippe Renard and the “Cuisine mode d’emploi” teams.
They will address broader themes such as world cuisine and pastry making. Each training course will benefit the Louvre Hotels Group network as the trainees put their acquired skills into practice on a daily basis, much to the delight of guests.

Innovative 360° training modules

Learning hospitality does not mean going back to school. To Louvre Hotels Group, it involves an immersive, innovative, and interactive approach. Chaud Devant ! provides forty or so training courses conducted in person or via distance learning, through virtual reality and e-learning channels for a full blendedlearning experience.
And to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, every training session can be filmed, recorded, and broadcast live for non-stop food practice fun.
Our training courses are adapted to the current context, in compliance with health standards and regulations.