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A hotel group that is passionately human

Values that bring us together

Daring Doers

We believe the best ideas are the ones that come true.

Explorers of possibilities

We believe diversity is what nurtures creativity and broadens development perspectives

Passionately human

We believe in the human. Being close to our employees, investors and customers motivates us daily.

nos valeurs
Our manifesto

At Louvre Hotels Group, we challenge inertia and status quo by pushing beyond our comfort zone. It’s in our DNA.

This entrepreneurial spirit began with the Taittinger family and their daring French flair.

Since then, and through our expansion, their original ideas have given birth to many more.

Today we are a passionate team who seeks inspiration from around the world.

Our natural intuition and human empathy enable us to think differently and see further.

Whether you are a traveler, an investor, an employee or a citizen, with us you can expand your horizons.

We are a stimulating platform, one that catalyzes energies, knowledge and innovation to bring out the best in you and benefit everyone.

Our passion for hospitality is what energizes us. We give a warm welcome to everyone.

We never forget to celebrate!

Towards sustainable tourism: our CSR plan

Commitment to sustainable tourism is an integral part of our values since our beginning. All of our stakeholders: our hotel managers, our teams, our partners and our investors are our historical ambassadors in this area. Many of them are extremely committed on the local level in social, societal and of course environmental arenas.


Thanks to this, in 2019 we launched our Corporate Social Responsibility plan entitled “Objective 2025”, based on 17 objectives of Sustainable Development listed by the UN and taken into account in the life cycle of a hotel, from its conception to its operations.

Gender Equality

Highlight of the plan to fight against sexist and sexual violence and to eliminate gender pay disparities between women and men, equal pay for men and women in companies has since become an obligation of results, and not merely an obligation of means.

The Gender Equality index, out of a score of 100, is based on five criteria:

  • Wage differences between men and women: 38/40
  • Pay increase differences between men and women: 20/20
  • Differences in promotions (for companies with more than 250 employees): 15/15
  • Pay increases upon return return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • The number of people of underrepresented genders among the top 10 earners in the company: 5/10

The Louvre Hotels Group index 2022: 93/100