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Reinventing the hotel business

The spirit of innovation is deeply ingrained in our group’s DNA. It reflects our determination to move boldly and innovatively towards the future while fulfilling the needs and expectations of both our clients and partners.

As we embrace our Group’s new strategic vision, we are pursuing three objectives:

Elevating strong brands to the top-3 in their market category

Louvre Hotels Group brings to the table a portfolio of brands that are powerful and appealing, both in concept and experience, with the aim to rank them within the top three of their respective market segment. Each brand is dedicated to providing comfort standards superior to those of its category.

Making life easier for our customers and partners

To innovate means to introduce new tools and services that ensure more profitability and efficiency for our partners. Our improved offerings include the launch of a services platform in 2024, the revamping our procurement platform and loyalty program, and the optimisation of our IT systems and e-commerce tools. To innovate also means to simplify our customers’ experience in our hotels from booking to checkout.

Developing our digital strategy

We also place particular importance on digitalisation. Our hotels are getting more connected every day to best meet the expectations of our guests as well as our investors’ needs.

In our 45 years of existence, we have made our mark on the hotel industry by redefining the standards of our category. Today, we aim to provide our partners with the most advanced IT solutions on the market.

Practically 50 years of hotel expertise

Creation of Tulip Hotels & Residences


Opening of the first Smart Hotel


Launch of the Hosho concept


“Chaud Devant!” our food University

Discover our innovations

Dedicated to offering new services to its customers and franchisees, Louvre Hotels Group has relentlessly pursued distinctive concepts such as:

- the Smart Inside label, to provide enhanced stays and services through twenty or so innovations at the heart of the customer experience.

- Fit-Up, for a new 100% sporty room category in partnership with Decathlon

- Charging stations for electric vehicles, in partnership with key players such as Electra and Suez

- Many more collaborations (Too Good to Go, PickUp, etc.)

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