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Towards a more sustainable tourism: our CSR plan

Marie Nonell
Marie Nonell
Head of CSR Louvre Hotels Group

“Sustainable tourism has become an essential criteria for our clients: 74% of French people think that ecological commitment is an important criteria when they choose a hotel, a café, a restaurant. It is the entire hospitality chain of value that we are transforming by engaging our teams, our clients, our partners and investors. Responsible for 11% of carbon emissions in the world, tourism is changing and Louvre Hotels Group wants to actively contribute to this historical transformation.”

Our Corporate Social Responsibility plan “Objective 2025”

This plan was created gradually, bringing together and engaging all the concerned parties of the group around 26 environmental, social and societal objectives to be reached by 2025 in the areas of product conception, operation, services, restaurants and human resources.

Our environmental priorities

We have identified three priorities inherent in our sector of business:

  • Reducing energy consumption with the goal to reduce by 50% our consumption by 2030.
  • Favor circular economies by eliminating single-use plastic and by educating our shareholders in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle).
  • Reduce food waste by reducing by 50% food loss by 2050.

Additionally, we encourage our establishments to develop their own local commitments to favor sustainable mobility, biodiversity or inclusion, by giving them several tools which allow them to offer more responsible stays to their clients.

Lastly, each group brand engages in their own commitments towards sustainable development.

Louvre Hotels Group is also a member of the Actors For Sustainable Tourism and C3D associations (Unit of Directors for Sustainable Development).

Our sourcing commitment
  • We commit to using exclusively cage-free eggs by the year 2025. This commitment includes both fresh eggs and the eggs used to make egg products, and concerns all of the group’s brands worldwide.
  • By 2026, we commit to sourcing 100% of our chicken meat from farms and slaughterhouses that comply with all the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment. This policy applies to all our locations in Europe. In addition, in France, at least 20% of these chicken meat volumes will come from farms that meet the criteria and guarantee that the birds have access to free range or to a winter garden.
  • In 2021 as part of our environmental responsibility and animal well-being commitment, we have identified a line of black chickens, raised from a heritage lineage, slow growth. The black chicken respects the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment (ECC). They are raised for a minimum of 63 days, in small groups, in small traditional chicken coops with natural light and access to a large outdoor yard. Their feed is OGM-free and 100% vegetable, mineral and vitamins, including 65% of French grains.