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Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, President of Louvre Hotels Group: “Every day we must deliver an impeccable service to our clients and take initiatives. As a hotel group we have the same obligation towards our collaborators. It is up to us to share, transmit and deepen this savoir-faire (knowledge) to deliver training and a meaningful, innovative accompaniment so that each person can grow, learn, master and evolve according to their talent and their desires, alongside the development of our Group.”

This is why, for over 10 years, Louvre Hotels Group, through its company university “University U” supports its teams in the development and mastery of their competencies and the shaping of their professional projects.

A pathway to integration to feel comfortable from the start

When you become part of Louvre Hotels Group, whatever your job or level of expertise, we give you the means to learn the necessary competencies for your profession and to meet the new challenges at the heart of our group. Your development begins with an integration process that is oriented towards your sector.

During this process you will discover the company and the trades at the heart of one of our hotels. You can master the keys to your profession thanks to our digital learning platform, Genius, which is there for you during the integration period. This platform will help you learn the skills for your job as well as teach you about our group, our different brands and our tools.

Follow a personalized path during your entire career at Louvre Hotels Group

You have potential and savoir-faire (knowledge); we will help you develop these.

In line with our strategy and culture, the University’s training will motivate you all while

  • Reinforcing your knowledge in key areas of the trade, security and hygiene to remain the leader in our market and enhance your employability.
  • Developing the intersecting competencies of our teams
  • Developing your managerial and leadership skills to continue to better-accompany our teams

Each year the University also trains our collaborators using custom-made training programs with diverse methods such as in person learning, hybrid learning, e-learning, webinars or virtual classes, all adapted to each person’s needs.

Peer exchange is valuable, so the University encourages sharing experiences, knowledge and internal savoir faire (knowledge) as one of the keys to success for our trainings.

We accompany you in the evolution of your career

Career development and internal promotion are essential and part of our DNA. One of our priorities is to accompany each collaborator in each position in their development and evolution. To do this, the University has put into place individual itineraries and qualifying or certifying curriculum for your trade such as the Certificats de Qualification Professionels (CQP) (Certificates of Professional Qualification):

  • Housekeeping
  • Barman/Barmaid
  • Waiters
  • Cook
  • Receptionist
  • Assistant Manager

Or other certifying curriculum to access the position of Hotel Director in partnership with the renowned Hotel Management School of Savignac.

We also offer French courses to obtain the Diplôme de Compétences en Langues (DCL) (Language Competency Diploma).

Each year the University trains more than 2,000 interns and offers more than 28,000 hours of training. Today more than 90% of our Hotel Directors come from internal promotion.

Because people are at the heart of our values and add to the richness of our group, the University accompanies you throughout your pathway. Welcome to the group!