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Jin Jiang International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Jin Jiang International Holdings Co. Ltd. is the largest hospitality and travel conglomerate in China. Its core business includes hotel and catering, travel, transport and logistics.

Hotels – Jin Jiang Hotels

Jin Jiang Hotels is one of the 10 largest hotel groups in the world. Number 1 in China and Asia, the group has a full portfolio of brands representing no less than 10,000 hotels, in more than 530 cities in 31 provinces and municipalities and 67 countries worldwide.

Catering – Jin Jiang International Catering Investment

Jin Jiang International Catering Investment Catering represents more than 900 restaurants and food establishments including Shanghai KFC, Shanghai Yoshinoya, Jingan Bakery, Xin Ya Snack, Jin Lu ...

Transportation & Logistics

Jin Jiang International stands out in the field of transport and logistics with the management of more than 10,000 passenger vehicles including taxis, limousines and coaches. Today, it is the leading provider of VIP receptions, car rental and travel services and the leader in cold storage capacity in China, which totals 130,000 tons.

Travel agency – Jin Jiang Travel

​Jin Jiang International is the 4th largest travel agent in China. Specializing in the organization of national trips and tours to China and from China, the group manages many renowned travel agencies including CITS, Jin Jiang Tours, Huating Overseas, Shanghai Tourists with 2 subsidiaries in the province of Beijing.