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"Chaud Devant !"

Our new Food University, in Rungis International Market.

This unique venue embodies the Group's passion for catering, hospitality, and transmission of knowledge. Located on the garden floor of the hotel Campanile Rungis Orly this hybrid and atypical venue has been specially designed to provide training in the catering and food service industry, as well as to host private seminars and events for external companies

 "Since its inception over 40 years ago, Louvre Hotels Group has never ceased to develop and nurture its love of all things catering. The location of our hotel Campanile and Food University in the heart of the world's largest fresh food market is the tangible proof of our passion for gastronomy, hospitality, and knowledge transmission It is a great honour for our Group to be the first hotel player associated with such an emblematic place." Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, CEO Louvre Hotels Group

"Chaud Devant! is a dream venue where we can showcase our catering expertise and pass on our knowledge internally, as well as a fantastic opportunity for everyone to share their love of quality products and conviviality with us » Christophe Macedo, Directeur F&B Louvre Hotels Group

But why "Chaud Devant !" ?
In France, waiters often shout “Chaud devant !” to mean “Mind your backs” as they storm into dining rooms laden with plates of hot food. The phrase “Chaud Devant !” is also used in restaurants by waiters and chefs to signal for customers to clear the way.
To name its brand-new food university, the French-based Group has chosen a typically French expression from the catering world that is often heard in kitchens, dining rooms and bars.
Louvre Hotels Group wants to say it loud and clear: here comes its original and innovative food university! “Chaud Devant !” is a tantalising mix of creativity, growth, and dynamism.