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Louvre Hotels Group is pleased to announce a successful achievement resulting from its University, namely the recruitment of 5 permanent employees stemming from the POE scheme (Operational Job Preparation).

POE is a scheme that involves setting up a teaching programme to prepare for a deputy position, which concludes with the delivery of an Operation Assistant CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate).

The following students have passed their Operation Assistant CQP (equivalent to 2 years’ higher education) for the 2015 session:

  • Emeline, internship at the Kyriad in Beauvais, grateful for support from Mr & Mrs LEVEAUX. 
  • Gloria, internship at the PN2 Première Classe, grateful for support from Bérénice NOGUE.
  • Mylène (head of the class), internship at the Kyriad in Le Blanc Mesnil, grateful for support from Nabil FAHER.
  • Jamila, internship at Campanile in Roissy, grateful for support from Zahra RAHMOUNE.
  • David, internship at the Kyriad in Torcy, then at the Campanile in Villepinte, grateful for support from Mickaël ROUSSEAU and Raphaëlle MUSIAL.


Following a 12-month assisted workplace learning course with the South-Oise GRETA, young employees Aurélien BOURRE (Campanile in Chantilly Sud-Luzarches), Stéphane GRAS (Campanile in Chantilly), Benjamin SIAUD and Franck LECAT (Catering Operations) have each signed a long-term contract with our establishments.

At the very beginning, we just took into account a single hiring criteria, namely motivation and passion for the trade and for our company. The 2016 session is now recruiting in order to maintain our pool of future supervisors.

We are very proud of this initiative: to offer a professional opportunity to job seekers, to give them a diploma and to hire new potential for the Group!


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