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Louvre Hotels Group Chairman Pierre-Frédéric Roulot: “Every day, we are expected to deliver irreproachable service and to take initiatives. As a hotel company, we have the same obligation towards our employees. It is up to us to share, to transfer and to enhance this know-how in order to deliver innovative training so that every employee can do, dare, dream… and be fulfilled according to his talent and his desires.”

Choose your profession, and take on your duties

Once you join Louvre Hotels Group, you will be in a position to train for hotel industry professions like catering, whatever your age or your diploma.

The handling of your career will start with an integration process focused on hands-on matters. During this process, you will find out all about the company: sponsorship, a tour of head office, internships in various hotels and more.

Follow a customised path

Do you have potential, do you have skills? We shall help you to develop them.

In keeping with Group culture and strategy, U has made training into a motivation factor for everyone, by:

  • Committing to train its employees for any coming changes in the hotel and catering professions
  • Giving its franchised partners full access to its courses

In this way, the University trains Group employees using unusual methods like blended learning, webinars and virtual classrooms. Those teaching methods are an opportunity to learn and to grow using original means and media… No more learning sitting at a desk for hours – this is about motion, interaction and group play.

U also believes in the social aspect of its training programmes to boost dialogue between peers. To succeed in progressing involves everyone from managers to employees.
From trade basics to expertise, we shall guide your progress through paths that are suited to our professions or individually tailored.

Inspire your career

In keeping with Group strategy, U provides “bespoke” courses covering all of the new fields of competency:

  • Revenue Management
  • Distribution
  • Commercialisation
  • Customer Relations

These courses will give you a better handle on your duties, helping you to be more versatile and to progress within the Group with greater ease.

In order to facilitate this progression, U also dispenses comprehensive learning programmes featuring:

  • Integration courses like Fast & Curious, intended for young graduates who are curious and passionate and want to progress quickly towards a position as Hotel Manager
  • Qualifying courses, like the Professional Qualification Certificates for Operational Assistants
  • Skills enhancement programmes for employees and for position enhancement like One Step Beyond that successfully train about thirty hotel managers every year, with a 95% success rate


Take advantage of Our values


High responsibility for managers

Our managers are given a high level of responsibility. Their mission includes developing their team, helping their employees to progress and providing them with daily guidance, while carefully monitoring the workplace atmosphere and the teamwork.


Lasting jobs

90% of our positions are permanent contracts and ¾ of our employees work full-time. Those are uncommon proportions in a sector usually prone to using temporary contracts.

Valeur Développement

Heading for personal growth

In what way are people the foundation of our HR policy? We favour in-house promotions rather than hiring from outside in a bid to help our employees to progress. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that 80% of our hotel managers were recruited in-house.


The richness of personalities and diversity above all

Beyond diplomas, we hire personalities first. What is our ideal profile? Someone who wishes to work in the hotel and catering business, and who wants to please others without fearing to challenge himself. For among our teams, know-how and social skills are complementary and they demand the ability to adapt in order to progress. We are also fond of diversity and richness in our profiles, which is why we currently employ about 80 different nationalities.


Speedy career advancement

In our company, employees progress according to their potential, as well as to their personality, motivations and desires. What we want is to reveal and enhance talent. So the priority is on in-house mobility, whether geographic or duty-based, following training. For instance, at Campanile 75% of hotel managers were recruited in-house!


Acknowledging talent

We reward and enhance individual and collective performance. As for pay, in addition to the basic salary, we apply a bonus system linked to the completion of objectives. And beyond pay, we reward our employees by encouraging their career advancement and their promotion to positions of responsibility. Our employees also enjoy benefits on top of their pay: discounts in the hotels and restaurant, complementary health insurance, pension plan etc.