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"We are passionate about our work and innovation is our focus"

Since it was founded in 1976 by Taittinger family, Louvre Hotels Group has grown significantly. 

Quintessentially French in origin, the company became more international with the acquisition of Golden Tulip Hospitality in 2009.

The 2015 takeover by Jin Jiang International, Chinese tourism leader and, more recently, the addition of Indian group Sarovar to our brand portfolio, have been a key turning point in our development.

Today, we are especially proud of having become the second global group and second European group: Louvre Hotels Group has an network operating more than 1,500 hotels in more than 50 countries across the world!

Inspired by the trust our shareolder places in us, we offer warm hospitality with a human touch, and each day we envision the future expansion of our international plans. 

"Two record breaking years, where the number of hotels joining our network grew 1.5x & 3x respectively, making us one of the fastest growing hotels companies in the world"

With the power and support of Jin Jiang, our hotel group has radically evolved and it continues. 

All our brands have been refreshed. We have also acquired new brands and are introducing our own new Chinese hotel concept in key cities around the world. 

There are exciting times for our hotels owners, partners, shareholders and our guests. Now part of the Jin Jiang hotel family, we are establishing a single platform of shared services that will extend the reach and efficiencies for all specifically in distribution, finance and procurement. 

Louvre Hotels Group as a global hotel company will continue to introduce the many innovations, revenue enhancements and cost savings to our partners worldwide. 

We are innovating the customer experience, the technology we use and the data we handle. To be part of a growing hotel business, embracing new technology and integrating new cultures and practices is truly exciting.