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The flexible 2-star brand with a strong growth

Join as you are

Kyriad Direct is a non-standardized hospitality brand tailor-made for hotel owners that want to keep their hotel's identity while developping their business by joining a powerful distribution network and a strong mother brand.

Low investment and flexibility

A flexible brand that easily adapts to each local context. Entry fees are very low to join the network and franchise fees are low over the long-term.

Tailor-made support service

The right balance between the insurance of a consistent customer experience that meets Louvre Hotels Group's standards and the flexibility of a non-standardized brand.

A full support service to implement our quality and service standards and a wide flexibility over design and marketing.

The small brand with great ambitions

Created in 2018, Kyriad Direct is growing very fast, with already 39% awareness (IFOP Omnibus 2021), 70 hotels opened and 31 to be opened before 2024 at a national scale. 

The brand also carries international ambitions, with 2 hotel openings done in Spain in 2022.