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GT 60 ans

Golden Tulip celebrates 60 years in bed with you!

Forever young in spirit

Mingling premium with the Dutch way of fusing work and play, Golden Tulip celebrates its 60 turns around the sun this year. Lets toast to a new era, a Golden Age to blend work and play — we will find the perfect adventure for you. A staycation into an escape, travel that transforms. Forever young in spirit, Golden Tulip turns the traditional upside down as we help our guests simply have fun!

With more than 160 premium properties across 39 countries, Golden Tulip knows how to design an exclusive experience that will help you shed routines for relaxation, bland hotel rooms for whimsy and warmth. We turn everything, even a letterhead, into an occasion to play.

GT 60 ans
A hard worker or a major player?

Bring your laptop to the poolside (but leave the loafers in the room.) Are you ready to mix work and play? We insist. Punch up your conference calls with a lush landscape behind you. Transform the expected into something playful and new. Then dive into the pool before sending those last few emails. Feel the warmth, the sun, the fun.

Then to the spa for a heated massage or a meditative moment where you can stretch your body as well as your imagination. All work and no play? Dullness is deadly. This is why we challenge you to find your inner muse, unwind with workmates or shake off the day at the gym. Our promise? A more spirited you.

GT 60 ans
It’s time to JUST have fun!

Now for some adventure. A snack al fresco from one of our food trucks. Bites that delight, a nod to local fare, recast expertly by our inspired chefs. A culinary fling for you and your friends. Or take a table inside at one of our chic restaurants, dinner plated like a painting, falling in love, soul meets soul over a Dover sole.

Time for a casual drink, or perhaps you prefer a glass at one of our elegant bars? Find the perfect match. A drink that dances, sparking memory, mood, and maybe more than you imagined. A staycation, a weekend escape. Who do you want to be? Here’s a chance to be you — only better.

GT 60 ans
Finally, to sleep.

Golden Tulip helps every guest slip into something a little more comfortable, their true selves, while tucked inside our sweet suites. Surrounded by custom beds, mirrored TVs, and clean design, our guest rooms envelop you. Try a new you on for size. Float away in sheets that seduce with their whispering cloud-like softness, a lullaby, a dance, a dream. Then wake up to breakfast in bed, slowing down the day’s start with soft, scrambled eggs, a salver of sausages, a froth of coffee: now you’re ready.

GT 60 ans
Golden Tulip is not only a business hotel. It is Playtime. Anytime.

We want to thank our clients for joining us on this 60-year journey and allowing us to bring the unexpected to you. At Golden Tulip, whether you’re a middle manager or the little guy, you’ll always be the Big Boss to us. Join us for our next 60 years and our promise to inspire, instill and infuse a work and play spirit into you.

GT 60 ans