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Description of the Program

As soon as you start with Louvre Hotels Group, you integrate the group directly as a Deputy Manager trainee in one of our hotels in France or Europe.

The first year at Louvre Hotels is consecrated to training and experiencing the many facets of hotel management both in France and abroad. A personalized tracking system helps you to shape and realize your professional projects. 

The Fast & Curious course consists of several stages:

  • Standard hotel* assignment (6 months)

Becoming familiar with the various professions in Louvre Hotels Group hotels

  • International assignment (3 months)

Adapting to a different kind of profit centre and to an international environment

  • Atypical hotel** assignment (3 months)

Extending one’s knowledge, involving oneself in a specific assignment, getting to know about a new business model

  • Immersion with a Regional Manager (2 weeks)

Acquiring a wider perspective of the business and of senior management expectations

  • “Solo” real-life assignment as Manager in a standard hotel (6 months)

Practical application of the job of Manager, acting on one’s own


Once the graduate program has been completed, Louvre Hotels Group will hold an evaluation session in order to confirm the employee for the position of Hotel Manager and appoint him to a hotel.


*A hotel known as “standard” is a Campanile hotel with about 50 rooms and a restaurant, and employing a dozen people.

**A hotel known as “atypical” is a next-generation hotel featuring a new concept, or a substantial hotel (over 100 rooms).