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People are at the heart of our values and how we function. This is why we at Louvre Hotels like to hire personalities above all. We believe in a wealth of diverse profiles to work in teams with complementary know-how.

Our working environment is dynamic, and the managerial structures are short, which means that everyone will quickly be given responsibilities and a chance to develop their potential.

We provide numerous job opportunities for a variety of profiles both in France and abroad. We have developed an in-house mobility programme called “People on the move”, devoted to our employees to help them to take charge of their professional growth.

We have the means to help talent progress at a fast pace. For instance, we created our “Fast & Curious” graduate programme, intended for young graduates who wish to become Hotel Managers within an 18-month period.

At Louvre Hotels Group, our pride and our success stems from the energy of our employees, the combination of personalities and the diversity of careers.



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Take advantage of Our values


High responsibility for managers

Our managers are given a high level of responsibility. Their mission includes developing their team, helping their employees to progress and providing them with daily guidance, while carefully monitoring the workplace atmosphere and the teamwork.


Lasting jobs

90% of our positions are permanent contracts and ¾ of our employees work full-time. Those are uncommon proportions in a sector usually prone to using temporary contracts.

Valeur Développement

Heading for personal growth

In what way are people the foundation of our HR policy? We favour in-house promotions rather than hiring from outside in a bid to help our employees to progress. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that 80% of our hotel managers were recruited in-house.


The richness of personalities and diversity above all

Beyond diplomas, we hire personalities first. What is our ideal profile? Someone who wishes to work in the hotel and catering business, and who wants to please others without fearing to challenge himself. For among our teams, know-how and social skills are complementary and they demand the ability to adapt in order to progress. We are also fond of diversity and richness in our profiles, which is why we currently employ about 80 different nationalities.


Speedy career advancement

In our company, employees progress according to their potential, as well as to their personality, motivations and desires. What we want is to reveal and enhance talent. So the priority is on in-house mobility, whether geographic or duty-based, following training. For instance, at Campanile 75% of hotel managers were recruited in-house!


Acknowledging talent

We reward and enhance individual and collective performance. As for pay, in addition to the basic salary, we apply a bonus system linked to the completion of objectives. And beyond pay, we reward our employees by encouraging their career advancement and their promotion to positions of responsibility. Our employees also enjoy benefits on top of their pay: discounts in the hotels and restaurant, complementary health insurance, pension plan etc.

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