DuoDay 2018 Louvre Hotels Group supports the professional inclusion of people with disabilities

Published on 26 Apr 2018

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DuoDay 2018 will be held on April 26th. For this year’s edition, 4 hotels of the Group will host participants to help them gain insight into the hospitality industry. 

DuoDay 2018 will be held on April 26th. For this year’s edition, 4 hotels of the Group will host participants to help them gain insight into the hospitality industry. Through its involvement in this major awareness initiative, Louvre Hotels Group maintains its commitment to promote diversity within its hotels.

As part of the first national edition of DuoDay, the staff of Louvre Hotels Group decided to play an active role in this approach geared towards promoting the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace.

On April 26th, duos will be formed between voluntary employees and disabled persons. The participants will shadow the employees while they go about their normal routine. They will get involved in or observe the tasks performed by these employees. The goal is to allow the participants to learn more about a particular job and possibly initiate a process of integration.

A total of 4 hotels in the Paris region will take part in this great day of solidarity:
• Campanile Suresnes
• Campanile Roissy
• Campanile La Villette
• Campanile Gennevilliers Barbanniers

“We are extremely proud that our teams are actively supporting this wonderful disability awareness initiative which is fully in keeping with the values of our group and the commitment of our hotels to foster diversity. Louvre Hotels Group boasts a highly-skilled and diverse workforce. Our recruiting strategy places greater emphasis on social skills than on know-how. Employees can receive individual support to help them build on acquired skills and experience and develop new ones. Therefore, every possible effort is made to encourage employees to boldly pursue their dreams.”
Bernard Heugues, VP Human Resources, Louvre Hotels Group

Some pictures of Duoday at Campanile de la Villette... with Sylvie, Nicolas and Benoit. 




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