Louvre Hotels Group, the 1st hotel group to accept payments network-wide from 1.3 billion Chinese UnionPay cardholders.

Published on 29 Sep 2017

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While the latest figures show the number of Chinese tourists in France is on the rise, Louvre Hotels Group passes a new milestone in its strategy to adapt to this clientele, by extending the use of UnionPay bank cards to its entire network. 

Although Chinese tourists represent a growing market and demonstrate particular loyalty to France as a destination, the hotel industry has not always adapted its conditions to provide optimal service. In November 2016, Louvre Hotels Group already became the first hotel group to accept payment by UnionPay bank cards in some 20 of its hotels.

Today, this subsidiary of the Jin Jiang International Holdings Co., Ltd group, is the first industry actor to offer this payment option in all of its subsidiary hotels, a total of some 200 in France. This payment solution is also available on the brand websites, enabling clients to prepay their hotel stay. The next step for the Group: extending this means of payment to all its franchised hotels.

A preferred payment solution in Asia, UnionPay is a network of Chinese bank cards, with 6.3 billion cards issued in 42 countries and regions.

According to UnionPay, “With the increasing number of exchanges between China and France, UnionPay International is working closely with solid partners to expand the acceptance scope of the UnionPay card in France. The fact that our service is present throughout the Louvre Hotels Group network will considerably improve the payment experience in France for UnionPay cardholders. "




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