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Emulating the Lakers, the legendary Los Angeles basketball team, Louvre Hotels Group, subsidiary of Jin Jiang International, has created its “Young Core” committee in order to develop a select group of young graduates every year.

An unusual format inspired by one of the NBA’s greatest teams
Far from the young advisory boards and other “Shadow Committees” created by many companies in recent years, Louvre Hotels Group has made a bold move, piggybacking a “Young Core” committee directly onto its Executive Committee. This system mirrors the Lakers Young Core, which puts talented rookies onto the court with veteran players to provide a totally immersive training experience.For young graduates, belonging to this unique committee is a golden opportunity to start their career on the highest step of an international hotel group’s hierarchy, while acquiring solid experience in the field and in the day-to-day operations of a hotel network.

Cross-cutting missions at the heart of Group and hotel-related issues
The “Young Core” programme (named by the young graduates themselves) lasts between 12 and 18 months. The idea is simple: young people work directly with Executive Committee members as well as with Top Group Management on cross-divisional missions ranging from strategy to operations to human resources. The objective is to break down the silo mentality and provide a driving force for Top Management while, at the same time, training “Young Core” members in key skills by exposing them to the many issues affecting the sector.
Finally, to keep the operational reality of the business up front, each of the “Young Core” members spends several training days per month in one of the programme’s ambassador hotels.

“Young Core”: a springboard for a career in the hospitality business
The “Young Core” experience constitutes a veritable springboard for high potential graduates who are passionate about hospitality. They grow in their profession and gain a 360° vision of the company, in-depth knowledge of support functions (finance, marketing, strategy, digital, etc.) and hands-on experience in the reality of the field and day-to-day operations in the Group’s hotels. 

After nearly a year in the “Young Core”, Charles Dujoncquoy and Walter Bouteaudou are both nearing the end of their mission. For one, it is the opportunity to work with a CEO as chief of staff. For the other “Young Core” member, the experience served as stepping stone to a job in marketing strategy with Jin Jiang International in China. 

Lorraine Duval, in charge of the committee’s, is fully satisfied: “These first two recruits are real success stories. For the Group, the Young Core committee is a way to gain fresh insight into business issues, in constant contact with our hotels. And the “Young Core” members enjoy immediate advancement both in terms of expertise and career.” 



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