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Louvre Hotels Group, through its University and Training hub, launches a new training program for its employees called Key University Skills, or C2U for short. 

Louvre Hotels Group, through its University and Training hub, launches a new training program for its employees called Key University Skills, or C2U for short. This initiative boosts Louvre Hotels Group’s commitment to enhance employability for its personnel, by giving people with little or no qualifications a chance to benefit from basic professional training.
Trouble reading, writing, or understanding a simple message in everyday life can sometimes be an obstacle to maintaining or advancing in a job, career mobility, accessing a qualification or simply enrolling in a professional training program. Aware of its social responsibility, Louvre Hotels Group has developed, in cooperation with the Interprofessional Committee for Employment and Training (Copanef), a skill development initiative for employees with little or no qualifications. By launching the C2U training program, the Group promotes employability for its personnel and internal career advancement, while fighting illiteracy.
One new training program, two diplomas
Available upon request by employees as well as managers who want to improve their teams’ knowledge base, the C2U program offers training that can lead to one of two diplomas, depending on the employee’s profile and skills. 
  • Professional French: Certificate designed for people who experience difficulties reading and writing, whether or not they have arrived recently in France. 
  • The “CléA”: Certificate that validates 7 skill areas: communication in French, math, computer skills, understanding rules for working as a team, the ability to work autonomously and meet individual objectives, the ability to learn throughout their lifetime, mastering body, hand and facial gestures, and respecting basic hygiene, safety and environmental regulations. 
For 6 months, employees can benefit from weekly training sessions. At the end of the semester, their progress is reviewed to determine what, if any, further training is needed. Louvre Hotels Group is committed to offering true support to employees, from the time they fill out the application until they receive their diploma. The initiative has already been rolled out in every region throughout France. In March, the test unit included 12 employees signed up for this training. Today, the project is gaining speed with over 40 participants. 
A Group with a profoundly human approach
This program is in line with the Group’s social policy and corporate culture featuring a profoundly human approach. Louvre Hotels Group offers each employee the tools for his or her own development, through a strategy that highlights and encourages talents. Boosting employability is one of the three pillars, along with insertion and internal promotions, of the action of Louvre Hotels Group University U in terms of social responsibility. From basic skills to professional expertise, the University U supports employees by setting up training pathways adapted to their job or individualised itineraries. 
“Launching the C2U training program enables Louvre Hotels Group, through its University U, to promote employability and personal development for all of their employees. Louvre Hotels Group is particularly proud to offer this program which reflects perfectly the Group’s flexible DNA, dedicated to leading committed and engaging social policy, focusing on people, the heart of its hotel profession,” Céline Lemercier, Vice-President Human Resources, Louvre Hotels Group

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