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As part of Louvre Hotels Group and Jin Jiang International's development goals both within France and abroad, a declination brand of two-star hotels, Kyriad Direct, is being launched.

Building on Kyriad's reputation this new offering meets the needs of travellers looking for a quality hotel experience at a more affordable price.  The brand also targets investors as the group – the fifth largest hotel operator worldwide – seeks to consolidate its position across all market segments. The first Kyriad Direct will open over the next 18 months in France.


Targeting a promising market, meeting travellers and investors' expectations

Kyriad Direct is Louvre Hotels Group's response to two trends it has observed within the hospitality market: firstly, more and more travellers have shown their desire to enjoy a quality hotel experience within individualised establishments offering a broad range of services, all at an affordable price.

Secondly a number of independent hotels or members of smaller franchise networks would be able to benefit from increased visibility within distribution channels, with Louvre Hotels Group currently having identified over 600 such establishments within France alone.

And with the strength of the Kyriad name behind it - well-known both domestically in France and abroad - Kyriad Direct offers a perfect solution to reaching its targets: consumers and investors.


The first French two-star hotel brand for one of the top 5 hotel operators in the world

True pioneers within the market, Louvre Hotels Group and Jin Jiang International are about to make history with the two-star hotel segment by offering individual establishments where guests can have a variety of segments, all backed by the nous of an international group. Kyriad Direct hotels will therefore be able to benefit from 40 years of expertise within the hospitality sector in addition to a powerful distribution network as part of the fifth largest hotel operator group in the world.

The same formula for success used for standard Kyriad establishments - their uniqueness and singularity - will be used to full effect for Kyriad Direct hotels, adapting to the local environment via a flexible, individualised approach capable of meeting the needs of our most demanding guests. These new hotels therefore present a promising new future for the sector: a triple guarantee of comfort, uniqueness and affordable pricing, with around 100 openings over the next 18 months in France via converting currently operating hotels or building new establishments.

"Kyriad Direct is a relevant, comprehensive approach to the promising two-star segment. Our new offering is something the likes of which our demanding guests have never seen before. However, when taking into account the amounts spent within this segment, we believe we have developed a driver for change for both independent hotel operators and are able to take advantage of a more dynamic tourism model within the whole of France." Jean-Virgile Crance, Head of Investor and Institutional Relationships


Strong identity, strong brand

By partnering with Landor Associates, Louvre Hotels Group were able to come up with a simple and clear identity for its guests and investors, hence the "direct" in Kyriad Direct. What matters are the essentials: comfort for guests at unbeatable prices. The choice of the turquoise blue colour for the new branding is a lighter – so more affordable - take on on Kyriad's traditional marine blue, making the connection to the Kyriad family whilst at the same time instilling what is so unique about the Direct brand.


Louvre Hotels Group: strengthening its brand portfolio

As the fifth largest hotel operator group in the world, Louvre Hotels Group is spearheading Jin Jiang International's attempt to become the market leader for the hospitality sector by expanding its brand portfolio. Following its acquisition of the upscale Hôtels & Préférence brand several months ago, Kyriad Direct has been developed to provide a more affordable side to the portfolio. The end objective is clear: offering experience of all shapes and sizes for all budgets to both guests and investors.


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