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The Tulip Inn brand, boasting 73 hotels worldwide, is launching a new visual identity this year to better reflect its promise of a satisfying stay: relaxing accommodations, a perfect combination of simplicity and quality, tradition and modern amenities, convenience and a warm welcome, where the client feels right at home.

A simple logo harking back to brand origins

Located mainly in city centres and business districts, the Tulip Inn hotels offer quality accommodations that are uncomplicated and convenient. To convey this concept of hospitality, Tulip Inn has designed a new calligraphy-style logo expressing both the brand’s human and practical aspects.

This straightforward, welcoming approach is also projected by the logo’s rounded shapes. The design draws its inspiration from the tulip petal - a nod to the Dutch origins of the brand, little sister of Golden Tulip,  one of Louvre Hotels Group’s upscale brands.


A design offering endless possibilities

The brand’s ability to offer quality service while maintaining its trademark simplicity is represented graphically by an extensive colour scheme: warm, cold, bright, pastel and gradient shading, the colours mirror the wide range of possibilities at Tulip Inn. 

To illustrate the myriad possibilities clients enjoy at its hotels, Tulip Inn chose this design which enables infinite variations on a theme. A fan of tulip petals unfolds in a gradient colour scheme against a solid background. The use of colourful gradients creates an illusion of movement, bringing the brand to life.


A font that says harmony

To provide counterpoint to the illusion of movement in the logo and design, Tulip Inn opted for a text font featuring clear-cut shapes with soft curves, echoing the outline of the petal.

Plus, the brand once again adds a human touch by choosing cursive-style details, namely to represent the numbers and pictorial elements.


The new graphic identity, currently being tested to rave reviews at the Addis Ababa Tulip Inn Olympia in Ethiopia, will be rolled out across all hotel communication media and design elements.


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