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After reinventing the client experience at its international Golden Tulip brand in 2016, Louvre Hotels Group now launches the new room, pursuing its endeavors to meet the needs of clients, investors and operational teams. This new product is the brainchild of the group’s Marketing and Design teams. They drew their inspiration from the brand’s Dutch roots, leveraging light and space to create a feeling of comfort and a complete change of scene


A tribute to the brand’s Dutch origins
Golden Tulip pays tribute to its origins by reclaiming legendary Dutch design, and especially its famous colorful houses along Amsterdam’s canals. The Dutch style stands out by its linear spaces, beams, industrial glass and metal structures, brickwork and large windows, and was successfully exported to several parts of the world such as New England in the USA and some regions of South-East Asia.  

Today, Golden Tulip pays tribute to this iconic style by borrowing these architectural elements from the domain of private homes and applying them to hotel design.


Design and Marketing experts create a singular, upscale client experience
Louvre Hotels Group boasts Design and Marketing departments with world class architecture, design and client experience experts.

The new room was designed along elongated lines, creating an impression of spaciousness. The group’s designers used light as an element in its own right, dividing the room into areas for each moment of the day. For example, a room divider and sliding door feature industrial style design in glass and aluminum.


Fittings and materials were chosen for a unique, premium feel
In the Golden Tulip room, unfinished materials bring out the industrial style, featuring aluminum accents and red bricks on the walls. The highlight of this new room is undeniably the original living space, a combination entranceway, dressing room and bathroom, measuring a spacious 10 m2. This area, and its harmonious décor, lends the room real charm by creating a separate sleeping area that resonates with calm.

“We started work on the new Golden Tulip room by toying with various iconic markers, playing with both our Dutch roots and emerging trends that will inspire our future clients. We opted for glass structures, reminiscent of large Dutch windows and creating a well of light in the room, and materials like aluminum and bricks, from the architecture and design of the Netherlands, always keeping in mind our consumers and their well-being. " Federica Piras, Design Director Louvre Hotels Group


A turnkey product available upon request for group investors
Golden Tulip is a non-standardized international brand that allows investors to fix up and furnish their hotels as they wish, in line with Group standards. However, in order to support its franchisees, Louvre Hotels Group decided to propose this turnkey solution for partners who want the support of Design experts and to take advantage of products and materials referenced by the Group.


A room designed for the comfort of operational teams
This new concept also includes specific solutions to promote staff well-being. The Golden Tulip room was designed in cooperation with the Operations Engineering department in order to integrate equipment that facilitates daily life for operational staff. For example, the eco-friendly floors can be cleaned with water, the glass door is made with anti-smudge glass and high beds make work more ergonomic for housekeepers.

“The new Golden Tulip room illustrates perfectly the Group’s ability to reinvent upscale hotel standards by creating inspiring spaces for travelers, while integrating elements that facilitate the daily tasks of operational teams. This offer also meets the needs of our investors, many of whom look forward to adopting our  innovative, turnkey concepts.” Sabrina Picazo-Esser, Upscale Brand Director Louvre Hotels Group


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