With Wifi+ and Wifi++, Louvre Hotels Group promotes transparency towards its customers

Published on 15 Jun 2015

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In keeping with its pioneering spirit and determined to deliver the best hospitality to its customers, Louvre Hotels Group has made a commitment towards transparency by providing certification for the internet speed offered in its hotels. Supported by its new shareholder, this scheme is already popular among Group investors.

Through this new step forward in improving the Wifi service available in hotels, Louvre Hotels Group (LHG) is providing an intelligible offer, free of any unpleasant surprises for customers, and is guaranteeing the Wifi quality available in the hotels. As soon as a brand website is displayed, the certifications awarded to the hotels are well highlighted, and the Wifi experience is very clearly explained. At the hotel entrance, customers are instantly reassured by the certification sticker that precisely describes what kind of navigation is possible:  a discussion via videoconference, access to the Cloud, streaming movies, sending and receiving images and videos as well as downloading/uploading big files, for both business and leisure. By improving quality and ramping up their network, the Group’s hotels are meeting customer expectations and their changing habits.

 “Our customers tend to be demanding, and they expect strong, transparent commitments on our part regarding our quality of service. The purpose of those certifications is to explain to them what they can expect from us in terms of their Wifi connection, something which is no longer a luxury but is now one of the three most critical items to business customers when choosing their hotel,” explains Group CEO Pierre-Frédéric Roulot.

For extra transparency in its Wifi offer, LHG has created two certifications that guarantee the streaming and stability of their internet speed, regardless of the applications used. Hotels where speed is temporarily set at 1 Mbps per user, with symmetrical streams both for downloads and uploads, are certified Wifi+. For its part, a Wifi++ certification guarantees maximum streaming with a speed of 2 Mbps per user, giving access to HD quality. In order to support the deployment of business-grade fibre   (FTTO) and secure the desired speed, the amount of relay antennas in each hotel will rise from one for every ten rooms to one for every six. From now on, this high-speed solution will be standard in all Group hotels, which are now in the process of gradually being certified.

After it was introduced at the Investors’ Conference, this innovation was extremely well received by the franchisees, who are all convinced that this certification service amounts a competitive edge. Indeed, about fifty hotels are already in the process of being certified.

The deployment plan involves every brand in the Group, and it calls for all Campanile hotels to be certified by late 2016. This scheme is part of a major investment plan to refurbish all Group hotels in France; the plan has the full support of new LHG shareholder Jin Jiang.



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