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 A responsible management


Pierre-Frédéric Roulot

Chairman and CEO

“When you don’t move, you drop” 


  • Having headed Louvre Hotels Group since 2007, he has turned the large French SME into an international company and a major player on the international hotel scene
  • For the past 8 years, he has been meeting every Louvre Hotels Group challenge: repositioning the brands and products, setting up yield management, establishing training schemes, handling the digital revolution, renovating the hotels… as well as integrating Golden Tulip and driving a successful move to globalisation, especially among strategic emerging markets
  • As a responsible manager, he has led the Executive Committee in his wake and in his image, making it dynamic, flexible and agile. 
  • A believer in compact management, he banks on efficiency and on making everyone personally accountable. Between him and the switchboard operator, there are only four levels of management!


"The 20 years I spent at McDonald’s have shown me how crucial it is to go out and seek customers every morning. It is that constant calling into question that makes one get ahead. 
The reason I chose an eclectic Executive Committee was that when one is different, one is more effective. Overall, I highly appreciate agility and flexibility, for as it is in judo, motion is more important than speed. Besides, when you don’t move, you drop!”


His own “Do, Dare, Dream”

  • DO: a go-getter character, an inclination to travel the world
  • DARE: an off-the-wall, inventive perspective, and the sort of outspokenness that can sometimes shake things up
  • DREAM: an outlook on the hotel trade that is both pragmatic and enchanted, nurtured by sports and rock music, as a means to keep up his frantic pace and maintain his agility 

Laura Benoumechiara

Human Ressources



Krystel Blondeau

B.U. France

"The framework is important to the teams, but it is also relevant in view of the current challenges presented by attempting to break free of it to distinguish ourselves from our competitors."


  • Krystel Blondeau has just completed ten years as head of the "Federation des Logis de France", the premier European network of independent restaurant owners, with 2,600 participating establishments. She succeeded in her mission of transforming a label into a reputable brand: Les Logis. "This position has granted me a 360-degree perspective on the industry, as well as expertise in its operation, through my experience in all domains, including quality control, marketing, distribution, digitisation, and management of a network of independent contractors", she explains.
  • She knows the Louvre Hotels Group well, as she has held various positions there in the past. Specifically, she was Director of Sales, Marketing, and Communication from 2000 until 2004, at which time she participated in the creation of Kyriad, the development of the First-Class concept, introducing Campanile to international markets, and the development of the group loyalty programme, as well as the first trade agreements with the OTAs. 
  • She is now the General Manager of operations at the France business unit, holding multiple brands and multiple positions among its branches, engagements, and franchises. As a dynamic manager, she also manages relationships between hoteliers and investors, hotel openings (about thirty per year), and revenue. She manages about a hundred employees in this division, which remains the most important one in terms of number of hotels and turnover for the Louvre Hotels Group.


"The Louvre Hotels Group is experiencing dynamic growth in an environment where the market and customer behaviour are constantly evolving. This change is accelerated by new technology, which spurs on the group's evolution but also constrains it. We must continue to take action and foster a culture of innovation. We must remain in motion. Our challenge is to unite profitability, originality, and novelty."

Her own "Do, Dare, Dream":

  • DO: With energy and determination, she follows through on tasks. Always positive and intuitive, Krystel Blondeau is constantly making improvements wherever possible. She enjoys finding the elements that enable the company to distinguish itself and think outside of the box.
  • DARE: The importance of teamwork, which promotes the exchange of ideas and multiplies the intelligence behind each decision. To quote Henry Ford: "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
  • DREAM: The need for solitude and to regroup in order to recharge her batteries at the seaside, on the island of Noirmoutier, surrounded by her large family.

Eduardo Bosch




Max Cergneux




Benjamin Dornic


"It is important for me to never stop learning. I like to get to know others"


  • General Counsel at Louvre Hotels Group since September 2015 after two years with LVMH as Legal Director Spirits for Moët Hennessy and ten years with the Lafarge Group as Deputy Legal Director, then Legal Director China.


  • His education includes an LL.M degree from Georgetown University (USA) and an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. He also spent four years doing legal work in China where he not only assimilated knowledge of the Chinese culture but also the Mandarin language which he understands and speaks fluently. This represents a real advantage in relations with our new shareholder Jin Jiang International.


  • As a French-American, he sees his role as general counsel from an Anglo-Saxon viewpoint, as a long-term corporate strategy consultant whose mission is to ensure its longevity. He must assess the risks related to contracts or transactions in order to protect the group over the long run. 


"I have to manage the potential risks of every project, every agreement in order to enable the group make informed decisions in areas such as transactions, human relations, image and intellectual property. My role is to pave the way for action by smoothing any relational or transactional road bumps. At the Executive Committee, my place is traditionally close to that of the financial director and the strategy /development director, but the position of general counsel is highly cross-divisional, collaborating with every function: transactions, of course, but also human resources, IT, marketing…"


His own "Do, dare, Dream"

  • Do: he is naturally curious and open to others, always ready to listen and see how he can help and assist.
  • Dare: he likes to shift the boundaries and take pragmatic action that provides added value.
  • Dream: outside of work, he shares his time between sports and cultural activities such as running, even completing a marathon, on the one hand and music, painting and mosaics on the other.
Joël Guiraud, COO Franchise and Management Europe / VP Franchise Operations & Management Europe

Joël Guiraud

Byron Gestion



Françoise Houdebine


“I like speed and the feeling of letting go”


  • Now Deputy Chairperson Marketing & Sales at Louvre Hotels Group since 2013, she had already been noticed in the past in what was still at the time Groupe du Louvre by taking part in deploying the luxury branch for Concorde Hotels & Resorts from 2005 to 2012
  • She has spent her entire career in the tourist and hotel business, starting out at Meridien and Ramada. Then she took part in the big adventure of the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992, where she founded the Business Tourism Department. She went on to work at Hilton in 1996, prior to joining Concorde Hotels & Resorts so that she could contribute to the growth of a group which she could feel had outstanding potential. There she applied the methods used by major hotel groups in sales strategy, revenue management and marketing
  • She joined Louvre Hotels Group in 2013. From that point on, she worked on establishing the Première Classe, Kyriad and Campanile brands as well as Golden Tulip, and on raising awareness about the challenges facing the brands by invariably setting customers as the central priority. Today she sees the purchase of Louvre Hotels Group by China’s Jin Jiang Group both as a fascinating challenge and a cultural enrichment


“After my involvement in luxury hotel brands, I find it fascinating to be focusing now on issues confronting budget hotels. What with standardised and non-standardised brands, budget hotels and upscale brands like Golden Tulip, Louvre Hotels Group provides an extraordinary playground. It is our wish to work on concepts that enhance customer experience and that play a part in developing a preference for our brands. Our short management structures help us to work on projects efficiently and with determination, and they stimulate energy and creativity.”


Her own "Do, Dare, Dream"

  • DO: to take on ambitious challenges without ever losing one’s course of action
  • DARE: the ability to step outside one’s comfort zone and boldly confront hardship and the unknown
  • DREAM: swimming in the warm waters of the Balearic Islands, enjoying single-flipper snorkelling, an irresistible way of letting go

Sébastien Maquet


"Our acquisitions and investments will change the Group’s profile"


  • After graduating from the ESCP in 1999, Sébastien Maquet began his career in Los Angeles with video game developers Vivendi Universal Games. Returning to France in 2003, he joined publisher Editis as Audit Manager, after the company bowed out of the Vivendi sphere.

  • In 2010 he joined Louvre Hotels Group as Group Audit Management Director, in charge of advising senior management in decision-making. For six years, his role consisted in setting up the processes required to achieve expected growth objectives and to provide corporate operational and strategic decision-making with a financial perspective.

  • Since early 2016, Sébastien Maquet has been put in charge of the Group’s real-estate assets and investments, as well Mergers & Acquisitions seeking the purchase of hotels and hotel portfolios. He also oversees renovation operations and supervises any hotel sales transactions that may come up. Meanwhile, he also chairs Byron Gestion, an assets management subsidiary aimed at private individuals who wish to invest in the Group’s hotel products via well-structured deals.

  • In May 2017, he is appointed Chief Financial Officer, taking charge of management audits, accounting, consolidation, liquid assets, internal audits and asset management.


“Louvre Hotels Group gives you the opportunity of progressing throughout your career and of changing roles. For my part, I started out ‘Business Copilot’, providing a financial perspective for ongoing projects, then I rose to ‘Captain’, controlling investments and acquisitions big and small to ensure the Group keeps growing. Now, I am ‘Top Financier’, keeping an eye on the Group’s financial weight and ensuring profitable worldwide growth.”

His own "Do, Dare, Dream"

  • DO: A powerful personal energy which he wants to pass on to his team and to others in the Group. In fact, he has no hesitation in challenging his subordinates since he demands total commitment on their part, for the business runs 24/7.
  • DARE: His positive, not to say combative attitude when driving hotel projects and sometimes fighting inertia within the organisation. Accordingly, he firmly asserts his energetic, resilient character.
  • DREAM: To rekindle his energy, he's fond of family holidays on France’s Atlantic coast, complete with sailing.

Nicolas Paepegaey




Andreas Tscherning

International B. U.