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To our way of thinking, there can be no quality without commitment.
Whether it involves hospitality, comfort or well-being, we are responsible for the quality of service that we provide to you and we are materially committed to it. We also make sure to minimise the impact of our practises upon the environment

1. Quality

A sign of trustworthiness, the “Qualité Tourisme” certification

Louvre Hotels Group was granted the “Qualité Tourisme” certification, the only credential created by the French Government to be given to tourist industry professionals for the quality of their hospitality. Issued following an audit performed at least every three years by a mystery customer working for an independent firm, the certification is granted to hotels on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Deploying a quality approach based on external controls
  • Obeying health and safety rules
  • Handling customer complaints and providing a satisfaction questionnaire in every hotel

Ongoing improvement in 5 steps

As a tool for assessment and progress, the “Qualité Tourisme” certification helps to ensure the group is involved in ongoing momentum towards improvement.
Specifically, in our hotels the “Qualité Tourisme” certification is expressed as follows:

  1. Comfortable premises: Upscale bedding, regular checks of the condition of the facilities, green spaces etc.
  2. Precise information: All guests enjoy a customised welcome, comprehensive information and clear instructions matching their requests
  3. Proffering social skills in the same vein as know-how: listening ability, ensuring we are responsive and kind when handling customer demands
  4. Well-trained, competent staff able to ensure the right conditions for a successful stay
  5. Being involved in local life: we are fond of differences, and we take advantage of our international status to cultivate encounters and dialogue among cultures. All of our hotels abroad employ virtually nothing but local staff

2 – Environment

A sustainable determination, responsible measures

Saving energy, reducing waste and constructing environmentally-friendly buildings are crucial commitments in our business sector.


  • We favour showers over baths when building or renovating
  • We install water-saving equipment in our bathrooms (50% of water saved in our showers)
  • We raise customer awareness about energy and water use
  • We are working on eco-responsible projects: reclaiming greywater and setting up photovoltaic walls to produce hot water
  • We are testing cleaning products and soap dispensers with eco certifications
  • We are developing the use of recycled paper for our communication tools.
  • We commit to using exclusively cage-free eggs by the year 2025. This commitment includes both fresh eggs and the eggs used to make egg products, and concerns all of the group’s brands worldwide. 
  • By 2026, we commit to sourcing 100% of our chicken meat from farms and slaughterhouses that comply with all the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment. This policy applies to all our locations in Europe. In addition, in France, at least 20% of these chicken meat volumes will come from farms that meet the criteria and guarantee that the birds have access to free range or to a winter garden.

3 - Gender Equality

In May 2018, after four months of reflection with the social partners, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Labor Minister Muriel Pénicaud, and Secretary of State for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Marlène Schiappa presented a global action plan to fight against sexist and sexual violence and to eliminate gender pay disparities between women and men.  The legislative measures were made into the law known as “The Freedom to Choose One’s Professional Future”, voted September 5, 2018.  The highlight of the plan, equal pay for men and women in companies, has since become an obligation of results, and not merely an obligation of means.

The Gender Equality Index in business provides for an obligation of results in terms of equal pay for men and women, and not merely an obligation of means.

The Index, out of a score of 100, is based on five criteria:

  • Wage differences between men and women: 38/40
  • Pay increase differences between men and woman: 20/20
  • Differences in promotions (for companies with more than 250 employees): 15/15
  • Pay increases upon return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • The number of people of underrepresented genders among the top 10 earners in the company: 5/10

The Louvre Hotels Group Index 2020:  93/100.