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‘Not only our coverage is growing significantly, but also the number of flagships
we have in major cities of the world.’


In the last three years, 550 new hotels have joined our network. This impressive growth, together with the high retention rate that we have with our current investors,
highlights the value that we bring to an investor. 

As one of the largest hotel real estate owner in Europe, we can’t help but to think like you, i.e. as an owner/investor, but at heart we are a hospitality player that is truly motivated by guest happiness. Our team, based out of most major international cities, are determined to find
‘win-win’ in each contract, be it affiliation, franchise, management or a lease contract.


We are a partner for the long-term and we look forward
to doing ‘Win-Win’ business with you.


Key figures 


1 600 hotels and 11 brands in 62 countries  

160 hotels and 14 600 rooms opened 2019 

200 hotels and 14 000 rooms to come in 2020