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The hotel industry provides excellent opportunities for investment and real-estate portfolio diversification. Hotels generate revenue and their value as assets increases every year. Within the hotel industry, Louvre Hotels Group has become a key player that can offer its partners a high-yield investment.

A recognised hotel group ...

An extended network both in France and abroad

With 6 powerful brands and more than 1,100 hotels, we stand out from the rest of the market by providing a wide range of investments from 1- to 5-star hotels. In France, our hotel network includes over 800 hotels. They are mostly established in the city centres and suburbs of cities with over 30,000 inhabitants.
Internationally, being established in 47 countries, we are in 10th position worldwide in the number of hotels. With 25% of our network established abroad, we are opening up to new areas, always favouring markets with high potential.

Regular growth

Louvre Hotels Group opened 60 new venues in 2014 and is pursuing its expansion with the addition of 60 to 75 new hotels every year. Over the past five years, the group has enjoyed stable growth in terms of revenue.

50 years’ experience in the hotel sector

On the strength of more than 50 years’ experience, Louvre Hotels Group is among the pioneers of the hotel sector. Its worldwide expansion has helped it to set up a whole range of resources in hotels, expertise and management methods which investors can take advantage of in 47 countries and in every continent.

... to accompany your projects

Marketing, to guarantee brand capital

3 hubs of expertise at head office (Brands & Communication, Surveys & Customer Relations, and Food & Beverage R&D) are there to boost our customer capital and uphold brand credibility. They also determine the right promises for each brand

Distribution, to boost hotel revenue

Our strength: combining a global vision with local roots. Supported by one of the world’s largest multi-brand distribution platforms

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Our expertise to optimise your investment



A team in charge of negotiating centralised agreements and of controlling distribution costs.



Taking charge of the entire purchasing process and providing all hotels negociated rates.

Operational engineering

Operational engineering

Providing guidance in project deployment.

Human resources management

Human resources management

Providing assistance in staff management.

Hotel management

Hotel management

A coordination team to guide you in optimising management and profits for your hotel.

Hotel & Design Technical Assistance

Hotel & Design Technical Assistance

A team of experts and a design unit for every project.